Global Village Keepers aspires to help 3 groups of people across the United States beginning in our home state of Colorado and rippling out across the nation in time.

We have identified a calling to help teens as they learn to navigate adolescence and develop clear minds as they enter into adulthood, we hope to help create productive adults that will lead our communities into the future. We will achieve this by aligning with other nonprofits that have programs in place.

We have also identified a growing number of homeless individuals in our state and in our country. We know that through education, we may be able to show them a better way. With programming such as budgeting, interviewing skills, job retention, self-improvement classes and negotiation skills, we will work towards fixing the broken parts and creating solutions. We will do this by aligning ourselves with other nonprofits that have programs in place that work hand-in-hand with this group.

Our last identified group of people is our veterans. Commonly, when those who have served our country come back from civil service, they themselves are homeless. However, this group carries with it the misunderstood flashbacks of being on the front lines and many times struggle to blend back into society. They are self-medicating and many times to the detriment of not only themselves but their families and communities. In order to help them, we have identified a few nonprofits that have programs in place that help these men and women get back on their feet in a loving community that offer them hope and a means to be productive.

In order to be productive ourselves so that we can align with other nonprofits that help each of the above sectors, we are in the process of raising money by holding fundraisers and writing grants. We are accepting donations so that we may help fund these programs and offer a solid solution to our communities’ and country’s future. We will also be selling products on this site. 100% of the proceeds will be donated into this organization as a way to help fund our efforts.

You may make a donation here in time.  I will be adding a link to Paypal. We do offer a tax deduction in return. Our nonprofit, Global Village Keepers ID is 81-1352403. Thank You.