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Join GVK in Raising Funds for The 2018 Kerala Flood – The Unsung Heroes and Their Families (Namely their Children) through our GoGetFunding.com campaign!


Fishermen from 5 or so districts in the state of Kerala, India dropped their every day activities to  help others. With their prized possessions and way of life, the fishermen loaded their boats onto trucks and came to the area most affected by the rain waters and recent monsoons. Selflessly, these men helped 54,000 people get to safety according to the Associated Press.

Contribute to helping the Kerala Fishermen during the 2018 Kerala Flood

These men put their personal lives on hold so that they could go help others in their country that were in grave danger. Walking besides the boats, in snake infested waters, the men gave their all.

Many times over did they act as human steps and bend over so that the women could step easily onto their backs and into their boats. The fishermen in this country are considered the lowest class but that didn’t bother them when it came time to help others.

Please join Global Village Keepers in donating and spreading the word as we raise money for the children and families of these fishermen — the unsung heroes!  From now through Halloween (October 31, 2018), we will be collecting funds directly to the villages these brave fishermen and their families live and work. We have started a crowdfunding campaign with gogetfunding.com (below) that will provide options to donate towards this important reason and group of people. Thank You!

Please use our link if you choose:

The GVK Mission

Empowering teens, the rescuers of catastrophic disasters and our veterans through education and support from one village to another.

Our Story

Global Village Keepers is the dream-child of founder, James Thomas. James grew up in Kerala, India and learned the value of giving back to others. He discovered when he gave back to others, he received much of what he gave away. If it was knowledge, money or food, he was rewarded through time and received multiples of what he gave away! What a concept… so he put into practice of giving back to others who need it most.

When James moved to the States 35 years ago, he received his citizenship and continued with his mission of helping others. A chef by trade, James opened several restaurants in the city of Denver, Colorado and its neighborhoods. Determined to make a difference to as many people as possible, he closed his ventures in Denver and moved east to the small farming community of Burlington, Colorado.

Thinking ahead, James set out to create a vehicle that would provide a means to a few at-risk sectors throughout the United States. Enter Global Village Keepers. Through this nonprofit, he could raise funding and partner with other like-minded organizations across the country that would provide the essentials to those who need it most.

Global Village Keepers (GVK) will provide funding to various partnerships who work hand-in-hand with the 3 at-risk groups of people.

Teens were chosen because by investing in them, we recognize we are investing in our future. Helping this age group assures the sustainability of not only the State of Colorado but of each state in this beautiful country. Teaching teens the value of respect, ethics and hard (smart) work is important so that they can thrive as individuals which will ripple across time. They themselves will develop into strong leaders, positive parents and successful, productive individuals.

Those individuals that are drawn to help others during disasters in this country and beyond. GVK reaches out to those rescuers — those unsung heroes of any and all catastrophic disasters whether natural or not — to provide support to their children and communities in which they live. Because the rescuers are willing to act selflessly and help others, we recognize that this group of people aligns most with our mission and therefore want to provide assistance.

GVK honors all of our men and women who have chosen civil service. Unfortunately many times when they return from serving our country and protecting our freedoms, our Veterans are not ushered back into society with open arms. We feel this is wrong. So we are attempting to right this wrong and injustice. We are interested in partnering with organizations that provide support to all Veterans upon their return so that they may blend seamlessly into society. Providing education, a roof over their head and programs offering support are just a few ways we can give back to them.